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THIIIRD WAVES – Toxic Masculinity w/ Ashton Attzs


In Ep8 we explore how the concept of ‘masculinity’ plays a role in society, how to be a man, its oppressive potential, and the toxic effects of mimicking that archetypal image of success.

Guest Ashton Attzs is a queer, black, London based-artist whose paintings and illustrations feature charmingly distinctive, racially and gender- diverse characters that empower the everyday person. In 2018, Attzs won the coveted Evening Standard Art Prize: for their painting of transgender swimmers, “Don’t Stay In Ya Lane”.

Guest DJ BusyFingers is a seasoned DJ, promoter, founder of the L.A.B Collective and the brains behind the “Beats & Liquor” Youtube DJ show and London’s “Beat Meet” events, supporting the UK and international underground producer scene.



Aretha Franklin – Day Dreamin
Anderson .Paak – Lockdown
Joe Hertz feat. Amber-Simone – Stay Lost
Beyonce – Black Parade



Bell Hooks – All About Love


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This show was produced and edited by Daniela Hornskov Sun