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THIIIRD Waves – Higher Education w/ Goldsmiths Anti Racist Action


THIIIRD Waves Ep.4

The experiences of POC students and staff in higher education and what we wish we’d have learnt during Uni. Hosts Daniela and Rhona speak to Kareem Samara in the studio about GARA, Goldsmith Anti Racist Action, finding out what the 4.5 month occupation of Deptford townhall was all about and what is happening since. Music mix Tryb traverses Baile funk, Reggaeton, Vogue House, Global Bass, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Trap.

Kareem Samara is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and political organiser. His particular area of interest is in diasporic identity and de-colonial possibilities of sound and music, with particular focus on sonic representations of place and time.


Tracks from the show:

Shintaro Sakamoto – Extremely Bad Man
Ladi6 – Guru (10A Remix)
KAMAUU – Clover
Masego – Navajo
Mungos Hi Fi x Eva Lazarus – More Fyah
Jada Kingdom – Banana

Books mentioned on this show: 

Taking Up Space – Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi

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This show was produced and edited by Daniela Hornskov Sun