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THIIIRD Waves – Dispelling Covid-19 Vaccine Myths w/ Dr Rahma Elmahdi, Anita Kaur Thind, Dr Vanessa Apea

With the uptake of the vaccines being low among the black and other racialised communities in the UK, we ask the question why? Shining light on some of the historical medical misgivings and modern healthcare inequalities which have set the stage for hesitancy, we take a deeper look at the situation of the present. We find answers to legitimate concerns like – how has the vaccine been produced so quickly? Were there people of colour included in the trials? What is the link between the vaccine and fertility? What’s in the covid vaccines and how do they work? What are the side affects?

Our guests are Dr Rahma Elmahdi a researcher and doctor, passionate about decolonising medicine, who worked on Covid wards in the UK, Anita Kaur Thind the founder of The Pretty Parcel, and a young person speaking up about the realities of living with Long Covid, and Dr Vanessa Apea, a sexual health consultant, and an advocate for reducing inequalities in healthcare, particularly for marginalised communities along the intersections of race and gender.


Jon Z – La Parranda

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Tiana Major9 – Think About You

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Here are some excellent places to read more on the topic, for a full list of resources that informed this episode feel free to reach out to us.

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