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THIIIRD WAVES – Dark Tourism w/ Professor Debbie Lisle


THIIIRD Waves Ep.3

In this part 2 of discussion around tourism, hosts Daniela, Rhona and Tryb invite professor Debbie Lisle to discuss some darker sides to tourism touching on the concept of ‘dark tourism’, volunteerism, privilege and sex tourism.

Debbie Lisle is a Professor of International Relations at the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy & Politics at Queen’s University Belfast, she is the author of the book ‘Holidays in the Danger Zone: Entanglements of War and Tourism’. Music mix Tryb traverses Baile funk, Reggaeton, Vogue House, Global Bass, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Trap.


Tracks from the show:
Kaakyrie Kwame – Soroku Special
Singah – Balance
Ketamba – Kalikeno Rumba
Kindness ft Jazmine Sullivan – Hard to Believe
Mereba, JID – Sandstorm
James Tillman – Casual Encounter
Novelist & Mumdance – 1 sec
Hana Mash Hu Al Yaman – A-WA

Films/shows mentioned on the show:

Tickled, David Farrier
Dark Tourism, David Farrier

Word and Poet mentioned on the show:

“Thanatopsis” – William Cullen Bryant

Ted Talk we watched for the show:

What’s wrong with volunteer travel?: Daniela Papi at TEDxOxbridge

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