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THIIIRD Intersect – Voguing Workshop at TATE Modern

Led by The House of West, the Voguing workshop at the Tate Modern was an insightful and vibrant exploration of the cultural importance of dance.


By Amber Sunner

In celebration of ACCESS, the new issue of THIIIRD in print, we hosted D’Relle West (overall European father of House of West), Harli West, and Khalid West, in an interactive evening of discussion, workshop and performance.


Originating in New York, body flexing, drops to the floor and flair are things that the vogue dance scene is well-known for. The panel discussion hosted by Daniela Hornskov Sun (producer of THIIIRD Intersect), delved with the guests into the history of voguing, the importance of ballroom for queer communities, and the cross-cultural expansion of voguing since its conception in New York’s downtown.


The House of West brought ballroom culture into the Tate bookshop with an intimate yet electric event that celebrated diversity, inclusivity and community – true to the core of what THIIIRD magazine, as well as the Access issue in particular, is all about.