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The Poppy Ajudha Cover of Defiant Beauty. The fifth edition of THIIIRD is about moving past Eurocentric ideals of beauty to embrace a spectrum – particularly one that celebrates the darkness of skin, thickness of bodies, and hairiness of limbs that traditionally, this standard of beauty rejects.

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Issue 5 of THIIIRD honours Defiant Beauty. It explores the multiplicity of beauty and the impact of changing beauty ideals through a focus on the experiences of gen-z and millennials from BIPOC, migrant and mixed race backgrounds. In it we hope to highlight the transformative potential of beauty as a quality that can spark change: this issue is made in praise of the spirit that rises UP!

Through a focus on SKINS, BODIES, VOICES and SOULS we celebrate the work of: Kelechi Okafor, Alok V Menon, Poppy Ajudha, Stephanie Yeboah, Tanya Compas, Radam Ridwan, Karishma Leckraz, Ericka Hart, Sophie J Butler, Heleena Mistry, Enam Asiama, Lou Northcote, Shiva Raichandani, Msendoo Mbachilin, Christine Jair, Hodhen Liaden, Kobe Darko, Alice Hurel, Zahra Swanzy and many many more!

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