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Omar Afridi AW19 The Pastoral Nomad

An earthy collection, that’s simplicity in design harks back to an idyllic age of fraternity in men young and old

Review by Princess Ashilokun

Photography by Hark1karan

Omar Afridi is known for being a contemporary menswear label which merges both practicality and resilience with forward-thinking aesthetics. Omar Afridi’s presence at London Fashion Week for Menswear this year, marked the emergence of a deeply innovative and conceptual collection for his Autumn/Winter 2019 showroom, presenting designs and an earth hue palette which paid homage to both pastoral nomadism and aboriginal paintings.


On entering the showroom, one immediately steps into a space that feels both primaeval and instinctive: silver milk pails and models perched in deep-thought on wooden stools which were dispersed around the room, converging around the motion of a canvas being continuously painted with abstract shapes by older actors in the showroom.


In short, it was a step back into a simpler time, where the functionality of tools formed the importance lent to their roles. This simplicity and emphasis on functionality was successfully reflected within the collection, from the rich brown, heat regulating loden wool outerwear, to the wide silhouettes fitted for maximum manoeuvrability, and the pockets deep enough to fit whole hands comfortably, (a feature not so easily achieved in when attempting to strike a balance between the aesthetics of a luxury brand and high street commerciality).


Despite having no formal design education, Omar Afridi’s 2019 Autumn/Winter collection certainly offers subtle depth and seamless ingenuity, from what can only be described as the mind of one quite easily attuned to the needs of its target audience. Omar Afridi is a collection which starts at first with a function in mind, before going on to think of the look – and in this sense, it truly does serve the needs of the cutting-edge pastoral nomad.