Amplifying underrepresented voices


Our values are based on:

Representation: Showcasing marginalised beauty and voices

Inclusivity: Embracing the intersectionality of identity and supporting allyship

Critical Celebration: Highlighting examples of empowerment, but whilst addressing underlying issues

THIIIRD is dedicated to exploring the true benefits of diversity, we move beyond the ticking of boxes and filling of quotas, we expand into the territory of the genuine equality experience. We seek to amplify the voices and perspectives of people who face barriers in society on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, ability, faith and/or heritage. We are invested in showcasing the multiplicity of communities who have their stories and identities stereotyped and typecasted.


As a platform which prioritises the contributions of people of colour, the LGBTQIA++ community, womxn and other marginalised groups, it is our objective to create content, forum conversations and provide a platform to amplify the topics and talents that are the most important to these communities. 


The ethos of THIIIRD is informed by decolonial and intersectional feminist thought. We believe in the potential of print and multimedia as a tool for (self-) affirmation and positive social change. Through spreading an awareness of the best means and modes to go about allyship, we help others in supporting other people’s causes, and allies are welcomed as both an audience and as contributors when their work holds a connection to the magazine’s ethos.