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Liam Hodges AW19 The Mad Hatter Reimagined

Mutative, mix-matched and seductive streetwear is an explorative investigation into the warp-like madness of the here and now.

Review by Princess Ashilokun

Photography by Hark1karan


Vibrant, dark, and pulsating with bold swathes of colour. Liam Hodges’ 2019 Autumn/Winter collection certainly pushes the boundaries set in his previous A/W collections of 2016-18. British born and based in London, Liam Hodges is known for his brand’s interest in providing a luxury look for multidimensional masculinity which forsakes the conformity to the traditional approaches of yesteryear.


His work tends to have a variety of influences drawn from styles such as Hip-Hop skatewear, Post-Punk subcultures, U.K. Streetwear and English paganism. Despite the use of a wide array of colours (from earthy tones to striking primary colours) and fabrics on today’s catwalk, the balance of the collection was not thrown overboard. Nor was it too garish a sight to the eyes, (an easy enough rabbit-hole for some designers to fall into when attempting to deal with such a wide variety of materials). Instead, his consistent use of wide silhouettes, and edgy cuts on hard wearing sportswear and workwear, with the occasional army camouflage seeping through – in true Liam Hodges’ patchwork style worked to provide an ultimately eclectic yet cohesive feel to this 2019 A/W collection.

It would also be amiss to end this review without mentioning how the breath of each viewing guest was caught around the catwalk, as we were unsuspectingly treated to a crescendo of operatic vocals as the lights dimmed, and a singer appeared in the middle of the runway. Her soprano notes pierced through the heavy sound of war drums that reverberated around the catwalk, seemingly immersing the runway into another dimension. It was a wonderful addition by Liam Hodges in that it perfectly added to the ambience of his collection and we truly entered what one could call, the world of The Mad Hatter reimagined.