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Katayoun Jalilipour is a writer, performer and lecturer that knows all about putting on a performance.

Rolls, body hairs and stretch marks, all those body features that we hardly ever come across when scrolling through our Instagram feeds. Illustrator Pink Bits made them the pièce de

Model and disability activist Jillian Mercado speaks to THIIIRD about her journey into modelling, her life with muscular dystrophy and how she is using her experience to inspire others. Interview by

Joamette Gil, is the independent comic publisher who is carving a place for herself, POC, women and queer communities where representation and fair pay for creators is non-negotiable. By Michele Maria

A sit down with poet, author and essayist Salena Godden. Interview by Fayann Smith   The first time I saw Godden perform was in a draughty Cornish barn. I wandered into the audience

Yishay Garbasz re-creates the route of her mother's footsteps during the Holocaust, based on her mother's typewritten life-story. Documented interview by Cristina Burduja   Yishay Garbasz (b. 1970) is a British-Israeli rooted artist,

Jacob Hiley is a Illustrator and watercolor artist from the USA. His work acts as a statement against gender conformity in a sea of heteronormative people. Instagram | @stuckupfuckup

Mindful drawing with Make Daisy Chains. Color in this mindful drawing and read the interview with the mental health advocate and queer feminist artist behind the @makedaisychains Instagram. Interview by Ainsley

Interview with photographer Keymea Yazdanian on her documentation of Iranian culture and the journeys of her work in Iran. Words and Interview by Keanoush Da Rosa   Iran is a country with an