Championing diversity + inclusivity and amplifying marginalised voices


THIIIRD also exist as THIIIRD Intersect,  a collaborative event platform which runs panel talks and workshops that are connected with and matter to, diversity and community.


In our past events, we have hosted panel talks discussing intersectional feminism alongside some other great women-led independent publications, and we have spotlighted the experiences of black creatives working within creatives industries, as part of a wider dialogue on diversity at The Photographers Gallery.

Previous Events

  THIIIRD WAVES Ep.5 Centering discussions around the thought of ‘Self Reflection’, we look at ways of intentionally doing so in our daily lives, as well as framing it within the thoughts

The second instalment in the the two part event series at Tate Modern was a panel discussion entitled ‘Not Another Diversity Panel’. It is part of the celebration of the ‘Access’

Led by The House of West, the Voguing workshop at the Tate Modern was an insightful and vibrant exploration of the cultural importance of dance.   By Amber Sunner In celebration of ACCESS, the

We had the pleasure of hosting an incredible panel at The Photographers Gallery Bookshop last week. Discussing everything from individual creative processes, working within collectives, operating within the mainstream, handling clients and