Amplifying underrepresented voices

This is my love letter to you, Black women and girls, who deserve all the healing, and all the pleasure in the world … I created this space. A space

  "What we fail to understand is that for many, clubs and venues are a sanctuary that allow people to connect and feel represented" By Samantha Togni Growing up in a very small

In the last 6 years adoption numbers have fallen by 37%. More than 4,000 children are waiting to be adopted in the UK, many of whom will remain in foster

“It is mystifying that the UK’s general response to George Floyd’s death has been to pat itself on the back and thank the Queen that it is not like that

“It took spending Ramadan in the midst of a pandemic for me to really learn the concept of Syukur - gratitude for the present moment.” By Nur Khairiyah (Khai)   In my

Five new parents meet for tea, dying to know about each other’s first weeks of parenthood. Some of them are delighted that their children sleep like angels, others complain about

The Everyday struggles of a 21-year old Kazakh girl trying to find a place for feminism in Post-Soviet Mentality. By Karla Noor Karla Noor is Fashion and Culture journalist and blogger currently

Why touching Afro hair is really not the thing to do, even for curious and well meaning fingers. A written piece by Hey Chanté, creator of the Please Don’t Touch

This year at London Pride it seemed that every shop, bank and confectionary had a float and banner. Corporations bought into the beneficial publicity of showing how progressive and okay