Amplifying underrepresented voices

Story shot by Becka Humphrey, styled by Eleanor Williams and produced by Portia Theodora.     Photographer: Becka Humphrey @beckahumphrey Stylist: Eleanor Williams @eleanor.a.williams MUA: Hannah Wastnidge Hair: Issey Hyde @isseyhyde Model: Naran O @W/ IMModels  @nar_oyu Production: Portia Theodora @portiaatheodora Photo assistants: Bryan Tang @bttango and

We had the pleasure of hosting an incredible panel at The Photographers Gallery Bookshop last week. Discussing everything from individual creative processes, working within collectives, operating within the mainstream, handling clients and

Issue 3 of THIIIRD is a reflection on our journeys. Through conversations, fashion editorials and personal writing and poetry, we reflect on the many ways we can journey, albeit it travelling

F–E–M–M–E Femme, a five letter word that has undergone a resurgence in recent popularity; Fashion has been receptive to it and we can find it blazoned on t-shirts, embroidered onto sweatshirts